One of the most prominent expenses in managing trucks is tires. One can end up spending thousands every year in replacing the truck tires and if you use your trucks and excavator for regular long route drives or for heavy duty jobs like construction, tire replacement and maintenance can become a great havoc. The expenses can nullify the profits you earn from the business and increase the downtime.

Considering all these factors, a new generation of radial tires has been introduced in the market of vehicle tires. Known as 11r24.5 Tires, these new-age tire type offer better sustainability and stability than any other previously available tires. The best thing about these tires is that they match perfectly to their specifications and ensures a safe and pleasurable drive for hours together without facing any hassle. With these tires on your vehicles, you would not need to wobble or change your routes when driving through hills or muddy roads. This type of tires is especially suitable for large road vehicles because they are high quality, long lasting tires designed specifically for heavy duty vehicles.

11r24.5 Tires are perfect for any large road vehicle and helps it stay grounded, even when driving on a high speed. Tire experts have identified 11r24.5 tires as ideal product for trucks and other large vehicles as they require good grip. It is also necessary that truck tires help smooth turning even on dangerous bends or on highways. 11r24.5 tires have the correct height for large vehicles with low side walls to give the perfect combination.

Driving on a slippery road requires good traction with flexible tire. 11r24.5 tires provide both flexibility and traction to suit slippery and smooth roads. They offer excellent grip of vehicles on the road to move smoothly. They are less resistant to various types of roads and hence fuel efficient. They produce lesser heat and ensure long lasting performance without wear. The flexible side walls facilitate smooth ride with minimal vibration even on steep hills.

These and other features make 11r24.5 tires the perfect tires for large road vehicles.