Depending upon your job site and the size of your truck or its load carrying capacity, one can opt for a pneumatic loader tire or the skid steer tires.

Now, although we have two best choices to pick and enjoy a smooth and safe drive, there is a slight difference between the two, when it comes to the way they perform or the cost. Let us look at the individual features of both the tires, to understand the difference between the two wheels.

Pneumatic loader tires

The pneumatic loader tires are extremely versatile and come at a very reasonable cost. So, as a result, you have:

  • Best traction and excellent on-road performance
  • A smooth ride even on a bumpy track
  • The extra side walls keep your truck on track
  • Better wear and tear, thus, long lasting performance

One drawback, though, in a loader tire is that it can give you a flat tire, on most unexpected circumstances. However, it again depends upon where or how you operate the truck.

Skid steer tires

Now, the best option to go for, if you run your vehicle on junk yards, industries or such places where you get to deal with much sharper objects on a daily basis, is the skid steer tires. This is because the skid steer tires are:

  • Protected against puncture, and thus, you can steer clear of flat tire completely
  • Can last longer than the regular loader tires, because of the strong outer covering
  • Are easy to install, thus, saving you on the installation costs and hassles

Although skid steer tires are extremely comfortable if you are considering the flat tire point, they will cost more upfront.

So, both skid steer and pneumatic loaders have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best tire depending upon your working conditions as well as the size of your truck, to make it worthwhile.