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Truck Tires for Sale at Wholesale Prices 225/70R19.5-3
Truck Tires for Sale at Wholesale Prices 225/70R19.5-3Truck Tires for Sale at Wholesale Prices 225/70r19.5-3Truck Tires for Sale at Wholesale Prices 225/70R19.5-4

225/70R19.5 #785

$200.00 $165.00

ROAD CREW 225/70R19.5 All Positions Tire

Out of stock


Product Description

ROAD CREW 225/70R19.5 PATTERN 785


Designed for P&D and regional applications, the #785 is an all-position drive tire built for strength, durability and long-term use. It features a 5-rib design for precise handling, lateral stability and superior traction. The #785 commercial truck tire is built with protective sidewall ribs to withstand the day to day abuse from curbing, cuts and abrasions. Additionally, it is equipped with block-shaped stone ejectors to help prevent stone wedging that causes damage to the tire.

•Enhanced tread compounds & siping fight irregular wear and provide long life in regional, urban and all-position applications
•Premium 5-rib design with wide shoulders enhances truck tire durability and even wear
•Durable casing with sidewall protectors promotes multiple retreads

Load Range: G (14 Ply Rated)

Max Load Single/Double: 3,970/3,750lbs

Max PSI: 110

Rim Size: 6″ – 6.75″

Tread Depth: 16/32″

Services Description: 128/126 M (81 MPH)


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