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Loader Truck Tires for Sale

  • 17.5R25 Loader Tire
  • 17.5R25 Loader Tire
  • 23.5R25 Loader Tire
  • Loader Tire
  • Loader Tire
  • 18.00R25 Loader Tire
  • 20.5R25 Loader Tire
  • Loader Tire
  • Loader Tire
  • 18.00R25 18.00R33 Loader Tire
  • Loader Tire
  • 21.00R35 Loader Tire
  • 23.5R25 Loader Tire
  • 26.5R25 Loader Tire
  • 26.5R25 Loader Tire
  • 26.5R25 Loader Tire
  • 600/65R25 Loader Tire
  • 36.00R51 Loader Tire
  • 33.00R51 Loader Tire
Size Tra code Pattern Loading Quantity/40HQ
17.5R25 ★★ BXDN 90
17.5R25 ★★ 01N(E3/L3) 90
23.5R25 ★★ 02N(E3/L3) 44
★★★ B03S(OTA) 110
★★★ 05N/GZN(E2) 110
18.00R25 ★★ 06S(E4) 44
20.5R25 ★★ WYN(G2/L2) 60
★★★ 05N/GZN(E2) 65
★★★ 05N(E2) 90
18.00R25 ★★★ 07S/08S(E4) 44
18.00R33 ★★★ 07S/08S(E4) 39
21.00R35 ★★ DRS(E4) 18
23.5R25 ★★ DTS(E4) 44
26.5R25 ★★ CHS+(L5) 28
26.5R25 ★★ MWS+(L5) 35
26.5R25 ★★ SMS+(L5S) 35
600/65R25 ★★ 02S(E3/L3)
36.00R51 ★★ HLG03(E4) 8
33.00R51 ★★ HLG06(E4) 8


Selecting the right loader tires for your equipment and job site can make all the difference between under-performing and maximizing efficiency on the job. Buying the right tire always saves money in the long run. The following will highlight some important differences to consider before buying tires.

Radial vs. Bias

Radial tires tend to be more expensive with a higher initial outlay. However, the total cost may be lower over time. Radials provide better traction and more control (especially at higher speeds). This enhanced stability and turning can actually reduce fuel usage and increase lifespan. Both of these factors lower the average cost per tire over its lifetime. If the job terrain is rough, Bias tires are a safer bet. These tires have thicker sidewalls and reduce the possibility of tire punctures and replacement.

Road crew 23.5X25 28 Ply

Road crew heavy duty loader tires are extremely durable. Road crew
tires are manufactured with large tread patterns to enhance traction and overall stability on a wide variety of surfaces. They are designed to increase side-impact resistance and to extend tread life. These features keep vehicles moving on the job and minimize problems and additional costs and delays due to avoidable downtime.

Need tires that perform on the job site and are capable of handling the road between sites? Road crew has a model offering great traction and a sweet smooth ride for the operator. Treads are designed to keep drivers moving and clear of mud in all sorts of weather and in all types of terrain. German-engineered sidewalls and rim guards provide extra durability and support for all types of jobs.

Road crew 26.5×25 32 Ply

The bottom line … Everyone is looking for a high-quality tire at the right price. At Road crew, we believe the key is finding the BEST quality tire for the right job at a fair price. A long-term investment in high-quality Road crew tires will pay off by saving time, money and aggravation. Increased safety, stability and durability are extra bonuses that operators and their operations will come to rely upon and expect.

About Road crew Tires

Visit our website for a full listing of available tires and models suited for particular use. Additional questions? Please consult our online buying guide or call our office to speak with a representative.

Road crew 17.5×25 20 Ply

Road crew 20.5×25 24 Ply

Road crew quality … it’s always worth it!