Bucket loaders and similar machinery are exposed to extreme and constantly changing conditions in construction areas, including rough roads. Loader tires were specifically designed to endure these circumstances. Offered in prices ranging from $650 to $2300, loader tires are not cheap—but they are essential investments.

  1. Better traction – Loader tires are designed for better grip and traction, allowing bucket loaders to pull loads with stability and ease. Efficient use of time is then ensured during production hours.
  • Cost-efficient – Cost-wise, loader tires may seem expensive, but their positive impacts actually reduce expenses in the long run. Fuel usage and consumption costs are minimized with improved adhesion that translates to less power demand on the vehicle.
  • Resists cuts – Loader tires are resistant to cuts and other damage caused by road debris. Radial tires, in particular, are cased with several layers of steel cables under the treads.

  • Tolerates heat – One of the key features of loader tires is their ability to dispel heat. Ideally, the tire’s air pressure buildup should not exceed 25 percent of the initial cold pressure. Otherwise, too much heat is housed within the tire, limiting the tire’s potential to trek longer distances at higher speeds.
  • Long lasting – With its cut and heat-resistant features, loader tires are guaranteed to last longer.
  • Makes rides more comfortable – When the sidewalls of a loader tire easily flex and give room to deflect vertically, ride quality is improved. Drivers are spared from excessive up and down movements that can become distracting.
  • Promotes productivity – When drivers experience less bumps and bounces, their productivity levels improve.

Loader tires are major purchases but they are definitely worth your investment. To get the best quality and prices, be sure to purchase loader tires from the leading distributors in the country.