Trucks used to be no frills vehicles, with vinyl seating, an AM radio and a lot of noise, but now leading manufacturers include such niceties as air conditioning, heated leather seats, climate control and navigation systems, making buying a modern truck a much better proposition.

Modern trucks perform very well in their first few years, and certain types of truck run well for years. This means that you can get a lot of usage and save money, when you buy a truck from a trader, even if it is a second hand truck.When you buy from a reputable trader, you will get official and legal documents, including the service records of the truck. When you buy privately, you may not always get all of those documents. Nowadays a lot of truck dealers offer extras like fuel, custom fees and insurance coverage when you buy from them, which will save you a lot of money.

If you own a truck then it saves on having to lease it from a company, it also enables you to be able to work for yourself, whether it involves moving or delivery.

Almost all trucks these days offer manual and automatic transmission, as well as two and four-wheeled drive. Compact trucks are relatively cheap to buy, and insurance costs are low due to the low purchase cost. They are relatively fuel efficient given their size, and can come with diesel engines, which gives plenty of power for towing and better mileage.  Buying a truck is something that you should certainly look into if you want power, traction and powerful towing in your road vehicle.