Unlike the normal passenger tires for vehicles, the light truck tires are designed to provide extra support and traction to SUVs and light trucks. Such tires come with special features to ensure they take the extra load offered by a vehicle heavier than normal cars and thereby provide support while traveling on a tricky road.

The light truck tires are designed for trucks, SUVs and work vans which weigh heavier than three-fourths of a ton or more. With work to support more weight than normal, these wheels come with extra sidewall support which is both sturdier and safer to handle the weight of the vehicle. The extra sidewall support not only help vehicle stay on the road, but also ensure they do not slip sideways when traveling on a slippery road or a mountainous climb.

Even the material that makes the light truck tires form a formidable difference from the others designed to carry smaller vehicles. The rubber used is much superior, and durable to make sure it works for a much longer duration without any wear and tear. The tread life and design are extremely compatible to carry the extra load often put upon it.

Another fact that makes the light truck tires extremely versatile and tough is its resistance to normal chipping and tearing. A wheel, as we know, takes the brunt of the road below a vehicle, and more so, if it is carrying the load on its back. As a light truck, it might need to cross challenging pathways littered with stones, snow and what not. The light truck tires are, therefore, designed in a way to prevent them from chipping off at the earliest challenge it faces on the road.

Although one needs to think about changing the tires after a few years of normal wear and tear, the light truck tires can withstand more than the usual tires can hold. Its capacity of handling tough traction and the steel casing it sports helps in delivering the best possible results even in peak weather conditions.