The routine maintenance time for your truck has finally arrived, are you looking for heavy duty truck tires at a good price. The best place would be to track down sales going on over brick-and-mortar stores and online stores. You get unbeatable prices and great products to match. The thing that remains now is to understand more about heavy truck tires. Who knows, maybe you chance upon some unprecedented benefits along the way? Read on to find out.

Fact #1: The benefit of position

Heavy trucks usually run on more than four tires (six to eighteen). The positions of these tires are predetermined, as each of these positions receives different kinds of stresses and loads. Therefore, heavy truck tires are designed separately for such positions. Both the front and back tires would be different, as both front and back tires as they are designed differently for different purposes.  The benefit here is that each tire is designed to function optimally at its position – leaving no room for compromise on anything.

Fact #2: Smart design

Wherever heavy trucks or buses have dual tires at the same position, there are more sidewalls per position and more tread in contact with the ground. To eliminate this, Super Single tires for heavy trucks have been invented, which are twice as wide, and are much lighter than two tires. This allows for savings in fuel and weight and gives the truck more room for work.

Heavy truck tires are designed to work in all conditions that heavy trucks can possibly face. From bearing heavy loads to withstanding stresses and heat on the highways, heavy truck tires are the answer to all tire woes of your commercial vehicle.