When you are required to choose tires for your truck, it is important that you make a selection that lasts. Many bad things can happen when perfectly good tires are commanded to do the job they are not designed for. And that is why this blog aims at comparing skid steer tires with light truck tires.

When you are searching for tires, it is crucial to match them to the job duties and geological design of the area.

  • Design: Skid steer tires have tougher build as they are essential in construction, farming, and heavy trucking jobs. They are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the operator, which reduces driver fatigue. But this, on the other hand, does not belittle light truck tires in any way. Light truck tires are designed around the same basic rules as of commercial tires, to handle heavy loads in general.
  • Conditions: Skid steer tires offer exceptionally strong wear life. They are extremely durable, puncture resistant, and providing maximum stability in harsh conditions. On the other hand, light truck tires are designed for both – smooth roads and to go off-road. They do work hard, but the trade-offs are harsher rides and shorter tread-life.
  • Applications: Skid steer tires are used for the toughest applications whereas light truck tires are used for towing and loading purposes. They make the perfect companion to your SUV or mini truck when you are planning an off-road trip. They can also be used commercially for your business purposes.

Think of shopping for a new set of tires just like finding a perfect pair of shoes. You may want them to fit according to the purpose.

Hope the above comparison helps in choosing the right tires for your truck. Happy trucking!