Loaders are machines used for moving or transferring different construction materials such as gravel, soil, rocks, sand, and wood. You can also use loaders to clear snow, debris, and other materials. For these machines to be efficient, all of its parts must be replaced whenever necessary. One of the most crucial components of a loader is the tire. You can get loader tires from your local store or online. But you have to keep in mind that not all loader tires are the same. Be sure to take into consideration the characteristics of loader tires available for sale and use those that are suitable for your needs.

Tire size

To determine the size of the tire you require, you can check your existing tire. Look at the sidewall where you should see size information. Tire size is determined by the tire width and rim diameter. For example, a Road Crew 20.5-25 is translated as a tire having a side to side width of 20.5 inches and a rim diameter is 25 inches. If the tire is bias, an X is written beside the 25. If it is radial, you will see an R.

Tread design

This is an essential factor when choosing a loader tire. A loader may be used on soft or hard surfaces depending on the tread design. If your loader will carry loads on gardens and mulch yards, an L2 is recommended. If you are going to use the machine for general applications, an L3 is recommended. For quarry use, an L5 is recommended.

Ply rating

The ply rating is dependent on the weight the body and work load. Loader tires usually have 20 to 32 ply-ratings; the higher the rating, the higher the capacity. Like the tire size, the ply-rating can be found on the side of the tire.

Road Crew tires carry different sizes, patterns, and ply ratings. You can find this brand of loader tires in reputable local and online stores.