Skid steer loaders or bobcat tires are named after the major brand in the market. Bobcats normally come with four wheels. However, they can also be fitted with tracks just like a small tank during muddy conditions. These are normally equipped with four wheels built together. Under muddy or slippery conditions, these can be fixed with the tracks. When you are planning to buy bobcat tires, you should base it on the type of work you will be doing. The following tire choices are available:

  • Air-filled Tires – This is the cheapest and probably the best solution for most people. The price of these tires is reasonable. They are the best for smooth rides on rocky or uneven surfaces. One small disadvantage is as they are air-filled very easily it will get punctured.
  • Foam-filled Pneumatic Tires– These cannot be punctured but at the same time quite expensive. These are heavier than air-filled tires. Hence, they are prone to breakdown from the extra strain placed on the skid steer’s transmission.
  • Solid Rubber Tires – Though these are thinner but will last for a longer period when compared to air-filled or foam-filled tires. But quite uncomfortable.

Solid rubber tires are useful when you are working on a surface that has a lot of stones or debris as these tires will last longer. You can easily change your tires to suit the surface in which you are traveling. Spare sets are also available with the specialist dealers. Of late, they are available online as well and when you place your order, it will be delivered at your doorstep. The prices are also reasonable.

Always ensure that your tires are safe. In case you use an unsafe tire, then the result will be drastic and will lead to unforeseeable problems. Hence, it is ideal to go for bobcat tires that will always keep you safe. These tires will keep your truck safe and will keep them in good condition. However, it needs to be inspected regularly which will keep the vehicle safe. It is also ideal to keep your tread at a safe operating level according to the local city and state laws.