Choosing the right manufacturer of heavy truck tires is critical to ensure that the tires are able to carry heavy load of your vehicle, have smooth traction, floatation and maintain a steady grip on the road. These features are extremely essential for heavier vehicles such as a loaders or heavy duty trucks. It, therefore, becomes pertinent while purchasing a heavy truck tire, to see to it that the product comes from a trustworthy and well known manufacturer.

The tires must be designed in such a fashion as to not only carry the heavy load of your truck but also be able to withstand as much heat as possible due to constant running without expanding under pressure. The tire manufacturer should be able to provide you with long lasting and cost effective heavy truck tires.

Here are some factors to be kept in mind while choosing the best manufacturer of heavy truck tires:

  • Quality: While choosing the tire manufacturer, make sure that their tires have been put through some of the most rigorous and comprehensive quality control tests in the industry.
  • Inspection: Ensure highly trained visual inspectors and automated inspection machines have been used to detect even the slightest defect before the tires leave the factory. This will allow you to get a high return on your investment.
  • Accreditation of the Manufacturing Facility: The manufacturing facility of the tire manufacturer must have obtained the necessary accreditations.
  • Global Presence and Trust Building: The tire manufacturer must have a basic culture of continuous improvement on a global platform and must have established an environment that builds trust and collaborative communications.
  • Product Warranty: It is imperative for any leading heavy truck tire manufacturer to provide product warranty for a defined period of time. In case, of any problems with the product you can always get the tires replaced within the warranty period.
  • Value for Money: The cost factor is yet another point to be kept in mind as purchasing heavy truck tires are more of an investment for the long haul. See to it that your manufacturer charges you accordingly and gives you a good deal.