Tires are the very essential part of a heavier vehicle such as a loader or truck. Since the wheels are also the one partthat comes in contact with the roads and keeps us stable and balanced on tricky routes, they need special attention all the time. So, while purchasing a heavy truck tire, you need to ensure the product comes from a reputed manufacturer.

The two leading tire manufacturers who give particular attention to the load carrying capacity and traction as well as floatation, are the road warrior radial tires and Bobcat wheels.

Road warriors specialize in tires such as 11r, 24-inch radials, which suit any heavy vehicle correctly. The radials are so perfectly placed to offer the best traction, floatation and grip on the road. When you are driving a truck, you are more concerned about the way your wheel behaves after a long time on the road. The RW tires are designed to take not only the load, but also as much heat as possible, from constant running, and still do not expand under pressure. The RW tires come in varying sizes, and can be bought keeping in mind the size of your vehicle.

The Bobcat tires are well-known for their deep groves that offer the finest traction in the industry. On a fine, winter day, when the roads are slippery with snow and dew, nothing works better than the Bobcat tires. Apart from traction, Bobcat tires offers long lasting performance, making it cost-effective and reliable. There is one Bobcat tire for every vehicle, be it a loader, heavy truck, excavator or SUV.

Hence, if you are planning to buy a tire, select the best manufacturer in the industry, to enjoy a trustworthy and long lasting performance.