Going on a road trip? Safety should always be priority—and your choice of tires can greatly affect it. If you are traversing along rough environment, you will need superior performance tires that can resist skidding and will ensure that your vehicle can stay steady on the road.Skid steer tires are preferred for heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and construction and farming vehicles. They are designed for better traction while being capable of withstanding heavy loads. Skid steer tires perform well on hard and loose surfaces, as well as on rock, gravel, snow, turf, and soft soil.

Some skid steer tires are specially designed and manufactured for reliable performance on certain road conditions. They come with features like extra sidewalls for increased protection and resistance against cracks and punctures, and bead guards to prevent punctures on treads. Self-cleaning rubber helps minimize maintenance, and a high ply rating of 12 and 14 make them ideal for rough and lengthy trips. Durable and robust tread compounds resist separating and chunking, and the three-step tread design ensures superior traction and resistance to wearing and flats.

Skid steer tires keep the vehicle stable, even if you do a skid steer. They help reduce driver fatigue, too, as the tires promote greater comfort for the person operating the vehicle. If passing through dirt roads, you will need 14 ply skid steer tires that have a deep tread depth for a longer service life while preventing punctures and cuts. These heavy-duty tires are ideal for rough applications, too, like construction, industrial, and recycling. Be sure to look for skid steer tires with rim guard protection and reliable sidewall protection. Some tires come with poly-resin spokes that can decrease bouncing, which is typically experienced with pneumatic tires. Hence, they are ideal for skid steer loaders.