A light truck is one extremely versatile vehicle. Use it to go camping, moving furniture and other property, towing or off-loading. Light trucks largely include vans and pickup vehicles. Due to the varied nature of their use, it’s important to clean your vehicle regularly to ensure that it lives a long life and takes you for more number of rides than ever before.

Taking care of your pickup truck includes many steps such as washing the exterior, vacuuming the inside, changing engine fluids on a regular basis and replacing the air filters as required. Checking for well inflated tires and changing tires when they seem to be wearing out is also an important step in the direction of car care.

Although the light truck tires are the only part of a vehicle which is in direct contact with the ground or road surface, another part of your light truck that witnesses the dirt, grime and mud very closely are the wheel wells. Wheel wells are the underside of the fender, which are present to provide a frame for the wheel wells.

Keeping your wheel wells clean regularly helps the painstaking process of ultimately having to work on stubborn marks that refuse to fade. Moreover, it’s one of the easier parts to clean and maintain on your own.

There isn’t much that you have to do or a lot of resources and tools that you need to possess to keep your wheel wells clean.

Here are a few things that can help keep your wheel wells clean and shining.

  1. Before you start the process of cleaning the wheel wells, remember that they are dirtier than you can imagine, not to mention, the chemicals and cleaners that you’re going to be using subsequently to get the dirt off. So, make sure that you have your gloves and mask on before you start.
  2. Have everything handy before you start the process of cleaning. Remember that you’re going to need to have access to a hose pipe or at least a bucket of water. Apart from that, you are going to need a cleaning spray, a dressing and a microfiber wipe or a usual cloth.
  3. Spray the cleaner on the lining of the wheel well with a nozzle. You can choose a mild cleaner or a more aggressive one, depending on how dirty or stubborn the dirt and grime is.
  4. Take your wiper and start at the down-left corner and work your way upwards, along the curve of the wheel well. This will make your movement easy and unhindered.
  5. Once you have sprayed and wiped the entire wheel well, use a hose pipe or water from a bucket to wash it clean.
  6. Though your wheel well is clean, you can take it a notch higher by applying a wheel well dressing for your wheel well. This is used to paint trims which have faded out, back to a beautiful black.