Those who go tire shopping know all too well that there are certain codes and numbers printed everywhere on a tire. Not all of us know what these symbols mean – they end up looking like illegible pictography that has nothing to do with anything. The truth is that you should be checking all these specifications before making your tire purchase. Let’s know about the specifications of 11R24.5 tires for sale.

When you look at the sidewalls of a tire, you notice this coding – 11R24.5 – which you struggle to understand. The 11 stands for the nominal tread width which is measured in inches. The R stands for Radial configuration of the tire. The 24.5 indicates the diameter of the wheel.

There is a hoard of other markings on a tire which need to be understood before making your purchase. For example, you will notice a number preceding the 11R24.5 on the sidewall of the tire. This number indicates the widest measurement of the tire, from sidewall to sidewall.

When you turn the tire further, you will notice a ply reading, which tells you about the weight capacity rating of that particular tire. Upon further rotating the tire, you will see the compliance of the tire marked as DOT – the last four numbers on this code represent the week and the year the tire was made. Above the DOT rating you will spot large numbers telling you the maximum speed rating of that particular tire, succeeded by the units “MPH” – meters per hour.

Apart from this information, you will also notice maximum PSI allowed for that tire, and the load index number that indicates the maximum load carrying capacity of the tire.

Now you know all the specifications of your 11R24.5 tire.