Heavy-duty loaders need proper tires to function properly. It can be challenging to choose the best loader tires that can enhance your productivity, but certain factors will help you decide which product is right for you. Things like the application of the loader, the road or paths, and the kind of working environment or job site. Radial tires are often the best choice for loaders, and while they may require a significant investment, they can be cost-effective in the long run as they help reduce maintenance costs and lower fuel consumption. Moreover, they offer more comfort for the driver, as they provide enhanced control, even at high speeds. This is because they do not flex too much and they are not stiff.

Radial tires have minimal rolling resistance, so operators can easily turn the loader. The loader tires do not heat up fast in high-speed situations, so their service life is longer than bias tires. Radial loader tires are typically made up of two components: the casing, which has a layer of steel cables coated in rubber and forms an arc from a bead to another, and rubber-coated steel piles, which consist of steel belts and located beneath the tread to resist punctures and cuts.

Applications, where distance, tread wear, and traction are crucial factors can be accomplished better with radial loader tires. These tires are ideal for wheel loaders running on finished surfaces, too. However, if your application involves working in quarry, pits, and gravel where sidewalls can be cut, you may consider bias loader tires, as they have thick side walls to allow a smooth and stable ride. Bias tires are highly repairable, too, but they are best for traveling short distances.

Most wheel loaders come with bias tires as standard, but you can always replace them with radial tires when the need arises. Just remember the application where the tires will be used the most, so you can choose the best type of loader tire that can increase your productivity.