The tires of a skid steer loader are generally subjected to a lot of abuse – from the sharp edged assault of surface debris to the relentless heat created by friction against the surface. When you counter rotate the tires at full speed to gain traction that can be the worst situation possible for any tire to handle. Therefore, not just any type of tire will be right for your skid steer loader. You will have to find a highly strong and durable product that can actually take all the tough conditions you will be subjecting it to and still perform at its very best. This blog will give you some insights on finding the right skid steer tires for machine online.

  • First things first – determine the kind of tires that you will need. Assess the kind of terrain that you will be driving your skid steer on and depending upon your finds, choose between flat-proof and pneumatic tires. Smooth flat surfaces require the use of flat-proof tires while rough, uneven and rocky terrains will be best maneuvered by air filled skid steer tires.
  • Find out the rim diameter that is recommended by your skid steer manufacturer. Stick to the recommendations offered by the manufacturer to ensure the perfect tire fit and maximum stability for your vehicle.
  • The type of tire treads that you will need will also be based on the type of surface that you will be using your vehicle on. Choose between standard duty, and the more beefy, rugged tread designs for getting better traction in muddy areas.
  • Finally, make sure you select a reliable seller of skid steer tires online so that you are guaranteed of getting the best quality product at a reasonable price.

Follow the above steps and you won’t face any issues when selecting the strongest and most durable skid steer tires online.