If you are looking to expand your business by buying heavy duty truck tires wholesale and selling them locally, you might be tempted to import products overseas. Yes, you have a lot of opportunities to increase inventory when you search in the international markets and purchase truck tires. And yes, you can get products from China and other parts of the world. But before you call the first number of a seller that you see or contact the company online, here are some of the things that you should consider prior to importing heavy truck tires for sales overseas.


The tires may be very affordable at face value but you have to consider all the taxes that your order will incur upon entering American soil. The US Customs and Border Protection collects payment for every good or product that you import. It functions on behalf of the other agencies under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.


User fees depend on the entry and the transportation used to deliver the products. A Merchandise Processing Fee is included for formal and informal entries. Formal entries have a 0.3464 percent charge. Informal entries have a set fee of $2 to $9 per shipment. You may also sustain a Harbor Maintenance Fee if the products are brought by a ship. To ensure that you can account all the possible costs when importing tires overseas, you need to ask the local authorities responsible for this matter.

Countervailing duties

Deposits may be requested by the US Customs and Border Protection on a case and country-specific basis. Subsidies are being given by the foreign government to provide assistance to their own manufacturers. This may be good in their country, but US industry may suffer because of such lower rates. To bridge the gap, countervailing duties are charged.

Importing heavy duty truck tires is not your only option. You can get wholesale products from local traders and sellers that are based in the US. By dealing with an American direct wholesaler, you can expect transactions to be faster and smoother. The quality of the tires can also be immediately examined and evaluated. No importation taxes will be incurred if the tires are purchased locally.