As we know that all the tires have to undergo wear and tear on the road. Some heavy-duty tires are designed to withstand to some extent. Some tires cannot withstand such rough usage at all. Some tires, like the skid steer tires, come equipped with rim guards that enable them to protect themselves from some of this wear and tear that occurs. This helps them last longer than most heavy duty tires with just one addition to the bag of treats – rim guards. Read about rim guard protection in skid steer tires in this blog.

Not many people care about the rims and wheel protection in their heavy vehicles – they just purchase the heavy duty things and leave it at that. The fact is that it is necessary to preserve the integrity of your wheels in order for them to last you longer and keep them functioning optimally. Rim is the thing that holds the wheel together, making it no joke of a component. It is necessary to use proper rim protectors to ensure that it stays intact and undamaged.

Skid steer tires usually face a lot of tear action as they make turns, which is why it is even more necessary to employ tire protection at the rims. This aspect remains largely ignored for most of the tire life, which makes it a costly affair to repair and replace these tires time and again.

When you purchase your next set of skid steer tires, make sure you equip it with the necessary protective elements!