Purchasing a truck and looking after it does not just end with routine maintenance of its engine and all that jazz. The tires also need to be looked after so that they can last for as long as the truck lasts. This blog presents to you a few tips to extend the lifespan of a light truck tire.

Tip #1: The right choice

The best tire in the market is not always best suited for a particular kind of truck, which shortens the life of both. Therefore, to ensure that both last longer, make the right selection. Assess your traverse patterns and topography, and select accordingly.

Tip #2: Re-tread

With wear and tear, tires lose the depth and effectiveness of their treads. To make your tire last longer in this situation, re-treading is a good and cost-effective option. Sometimes re-treading gives you the flexibility of changing tire positions in your truck, giving you a few more years of hassle-free driving.

Tip #3: Proper inflation

Maintaining a steady pressure in the tires is one of the major factors affecting tire life. Improper inflation can cause punctures, increase fuel cost and driving effort. Make a schedule to regularly monitor tire pressure.

Tip #4: Cleaning

While on duty, tires pick up a lot of debris, chemicals and what not on the way. After a long day at work, make sure you clean the tires before taking them to the next job. This way you will ensure that the degree of wear and tear remains as low as possible.

The tips above should help you squeeze out a few more years from the tires!