Skid steer tires are designed for frequent heavy-duty work. They are used for skid steer loaders in construction sites and warehouses. Skid steer tires are some of the most important parts of a loader because they directly affect the performance and safety of the equipment. The following features make them ideal for various industrial settings.

1. Versatile

Skid steer tires are versatile because you can use them for various applications. They come in two variants: pneumatic and solid rubber. Pneumatic skid steer tires are more affordable and offer a more comfortable ride because they are filled with polyurethane foam. However, they can get punctured. On the other hand, solid rubber skid steer tires are tougher and more resistant to puncture, making them more durable than pneumatic tires. By considering how you use your loader, you can choose the right type of skid steer tires for it.

2. Durable

Generally speaking, both types of skid steer tires are suitable for heavy-duty activities like excavation, demolition, landscaping and more. Both are specifically designed to withstand rough conditions, after all. Choosing the right variant of skid steer tire for specific applications is important to prevent damage. Don’t skimp; it’s okay to spend a bit more on premium tires to ensure a longer wear life.

3. Increased performance

Did you know that the new skid steer tires can improve your loader’s overall utility? The right tires enable better performance in terms of damage resistance, load, grip, and heat buildup. Be sure to choose skid steer tires from trusted manufacturers for best results. Proper selection can lower your operational costs and increase uptime.

4. Efficient and money-saving

Replacing your old skid steer tires with new ones is actually time- and money-saving. By proactively inspecting and replacing your tires, you can reduce downtime and ensure that your equipment will perform as required.