Trucks are amazing machines. The kind of feats that these vehicles are capable of pulling off is simply awe inspiring! Bearing humungous loads, maneuvering wildly unmanageable terrain and dealing with super long drives – trucks can do it all and make it seem as easy as cakewalk. So what is it that makes these vehicles the venerable beast that they are? Is it the engine? The heavy duty body? The load bearing capacity? No – IT IS THE TIRES – specially designed wheels that lend this machine the stability and traction it needs to tackle just about any kind of driving surface. Here is a basic run-down of the various types of truck tires available online and the kind of usage they are suitable for:

Off Road Tires

Need superior traction and unrelenting strength to manage tough terrains with your truck? These are the tires that can help you reach your goal. This is the tire for drivers who frequently find themselves without a pavement to drive on. No matter what kind of rocks, gravel, sand or dirt might lie on your road, these tires can maneuver it all.

Features Offered: Puncture resistance, increased strength, larger and deeper treads

All Terrain Tires

These are tires that are meant for touring as well as off-roading. You can expect them to serve you well for a long time, giving you dependable stability, speed, performance and traction on all kinds of terrain. If you are a driver who pretty much has to deal with it all on their drives, all terrain tires will be the perfect choice for your truck.

Features offered: Reduced sound, increased driving comfort, smooth operation, reasonable maneuverability on tough terrain

Mud Tires

As the name suggests, these tires are meant for superior performance on any surface be it wet, sandy or muddy. For trucks drivers who frequently deal with uneven and tough terrain but aren’t looking for the capabilities of a rock-crawler, these are the tires to go for.

Features offered: Higher stability, wider and deeper tread gaps to allow mud and sludge to squeeze in, superior grip.

Heavy Duty Tires

Need wheels than can deal with even the most unimaginable of loads? Welcome heavy duty truck tires to the scene. These tires are designed for bearing brutality – no matter how huge a load you are planning to haul in your truck, you can trust these tires to get the job done.

Features Offered: High performance, superior payload bearing capabilities, durability, longevity, reasonable traction.